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Kirsten H asked How do you build a small windmill?

I want to build a windmill for my science project small enough to power a light bulb. I have no idea how to make one and what supplies i need for it. And im not having much luck finding it online.

And got the following answer:

There is a kit available from Edmund Scientific for $50, but if you want to do this for yourself it is going to be harder than you thought. First you need a small generator or alternator. An alternator from a car will work and probably the least expensive but will require a pretty large set of blades and probably a reduction gearbox. Alternately you could make your own generator. This is something that has been done by students for nearly 100 years, but you will need to learn the theory of electrical generation and fabricate numerous parts Running a small DC motor backwards will also work but this will require a gearbox to achieve the required RPM as these motors usually run very fast Next you need blades for the turbine. There are various ways to get these. I think the blades for a radio control helicopter will work. The blades must be mounted to a hub that will turn the shaft connected to the gearbox or generator. The blades must all be mounted at the same angle and balanced The blade,hub generator assembly must be held on a rigid mount. This must be stable and hold everything while the blades spin at maximum speed. Now you need a electric circuit. Because you want to demonstrate generation of electricity with wind energy you do not need a storage battery in your circuit. However you probably want a low voltage lamp. An incandescent lamp has the advantage of varying in brightness with current,however it does require more current. At least 1.5 volts. An LED requires less current but you must hit the threshold and the circuit is more complex.

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