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Happiness asked NEED HELP! It's HOT! A/C BROKE! What & Where is a "high temp sensor" in a home Air Cond. system?

A repairman came a few months ago to our house and said we had a rat chew through some wires...and therefore our ac was blowing air but the unit outside wasn't coming on. He said he did a quick fix and rewired some things and got the unit up and running, but said it was a band aid. Now less than 3 months later, its out again. When I call the repair shop all they say is that I need a new HIGH TEMP SENSOR. Where is that located? around the unit, in the inside of the outdoor unit? or in our thermostat inside that controls temperature? We just have one unit in our 2 story house. I am trying to find out a price on this part or the repair or if my handy brother can do it, but I cant even figure out what this part is...Also is it a TRANE part which is my AC Condenser unit in our backyard or is it a generic part? or is it a thermostat part which says Robertshaw that is on the wall? ANY Info on this would be helpful.Its going to be 106 degrees today! Repair man originally said I needed a High Temp Sensor, I just didnt know what part it was until I called now. So he tested it and came out and then said he would order the part, but never did because repair wasnt covered by our home warranty. I really need an idea on how much this will cost and what the part actually IS!! I cant see any parts called high temp sensors...exactly. Are we looking at $60 or $500? Please let me know...asap! Also..I will be lucky to find 1 person to come out by tomorrow. I dont have alot of time to find 3 contractors....its seriously 106 degrees. We have small kids and a dog and no pool! 🙂

And got the following answer:

OK, lets get clear on a couple of things: The only time a high temp sensor is used is in heat mode. The only high temp 'sensor' in cooling is internal to the fan & compressor, and will only engage when either component is overheated, therefore a safety device. Your first order of business would be to get free and clear of this home warranty bullspit; these outfits are WORTHLESS. The service outfit is full of crap. Simply call Trane and get a list of factory authorized service providers in your area. It make absolutely NO sense to pay the home warranty company money for the privilege of doing some thing that you can do for FREE. Chances are I could come out and get the thing fixed in an hour and cost you less than $200

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