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Buck asked Install Converter from 120 Volt to 12 Volt in New Construction Home?

Just thinking thing over. Want to install a 120 volt AC to12 volt DC converter, as the ones found in most RV's. The 12 volt would be used power 12 volt light fixtures as one found in RV's, and Marine crafts. The 12 volts could be used with a solar panel. The solar panel would be used to charge a 12 volt battery(s), and the 12 volt battery could be used to power the lights during the night. I thought of using resistors for each light within the low voltage lighting electrical wires to control even distribution of lighting. Planning on setting up 12 volt electrical boxes in each room, and adding extra 12 bolt electical boxes in living room and dining room and kitchen and laundry room. This would allow lighting for walkway and task lighting and backup lighting when electrical power goes out or gets to pricey. With the price of electicity and gas going up, I thought that this would be a way of lighting my home and saving utility money. Here are a few of the 12 volt lights. A 12 volt light bulb range from 4 watts to 25 watts. The 12 volt distribution panel can as a battery charger when needed. This panel is rated a 50 amps. A few more 12 volt recessed lights mostly rated at 10 watts and these are xenon lights. The electrical lines would be anywhere from 10 feet to the longest run of 70 feet. The electrical wire would be 12/2 CL2 rated for low voltage wires. The 12 volt distribution panel will power the lights and can be used to charge a 12 volt battery when needed. I would then add a toggle switch to shut of power to solar panel when not in use. The reason I choose the 12 volt distribution panel because this system had the built in led lights for the blown fuse detection and the fuses are a safety feature in case things go bad with lights or 12 volt fixtures. There for twelve of the 10 watt recessed lights will add up to 120 watts. 120 watts divided by 12 volts will equal to 10 amps. This would still leave 40 amps for landscape light or other 12 volt lights. There are options on adding 12 volt fans, and 12 volt appliances. If needed I would add extra auxillary 12 volt transformer to power the heaver amperage fixtures .... etc... I'm thinking this setup would pay for it self with a short time once in use. what do you think? What do you think of this setup? Any questions, let me know.

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As I live in an RV, I think I'm qualified to answer. 1. The solar panel actually saps power when not charging. 2. Car batteries don't last too long when discharged, recharged, etc. 3. the 12V will save energy, but are not as bright as you prpbably need. 4. It can be a royal pain until you get used to it., you would probably be better off using an inverter for power outages, powered off your car.

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