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luvlabs asked Why do my cordless power drills stop working?

Had a Makita, then a Skil and both of them stopped holding a strong charge in the battery pack. I got rid of the Makita because the company said it was no good and bought the Skil. Now am having the same problem. I don't use them much, but neither does my husband and his Black & Decker holds a charge between (infrequent uses). What is going on?

And got the following answer:

All rechargeable batteries lose charge over time when not used. It is best to charge them immediately before use. Some older tools used NiCad batteries that developed a 'memory' if they were not fully discharged on a regular basis. Most newer tools use either NiMH, or Lithium Ion batteries that don't have this issue. Lithium Ion batteries hold more charge than similar NiMH batteries, but are more expensive. While they require different chargers, you may be able to find NiMH or Lithium Ion batteries that fit your drill. As long as they physically fit the tool, and the voltage is correct, the tool doesn't care what type of battery you use.

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