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Yaman asked I want to make a led suit with these led lights, what kind of batteries would I need?

the title of the lights is: "LED Strip light, Waterproof LED Flexible Light Strip 12V with 300 SMD LED, 3258 Cool White. 16.4 Foot / 5 Meter. With 3M Adhesive Back. By Olympic Lighting". I'm not very good with volts and such but I know I need to match the voltage and the amps to power these lights. I prefer to have two separate batteries as that would make it easier to have a jacket as well as pants separate, but I want to spend as little money as possible. Also, how long would I be able to power these lights? And the battery can't be too big either. If you need for information on the batteries this is the link: Please include the specificaions of the battery needed, where I can find it and if possible, a link. I could use led wire, but I'd rather use these lights in case you come across that option. Thanks! This is for repeated use by the way. Please include links to products. and how much mah do I need?

And got the following answer:

For one time or occasional use, I would get two 8xAA holders (4x4 cell holders), and a brick of AA cells. The 8 cells in series makes 12V. You would have one pack each for your jacket and trousers. Good AA cells may power them for a couple hours, C or D cells for longer, For frequent use, you may want to consider RC battery LiPo or NiMH packs and chargers. With those, I would use a fuse.

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