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memphis_class_hishoe asked Are solar cells ever worth the investment?

I used a solar power calculator on SharpUSA. And found that $50,000 worth of solar cells would save only $500 per year in costs. Is it possible to sell these kinds of new technologies? That would take 35 years to payback. With the economy about to break, how can we make the change, with 35 years payback? Man this isnt gonna work.

And got the following answer:

I have only $5000 in to my solar set up O but then I installed and have done all the up keep my self I use 12 volt DC and 120 ac. I spend $300 to $500 a year with add on's. It has been paying for it self.. I am not off the grid but I don't mind getting Elc. bills as low as $20 Start small do what you can your self And have fun with it Pick the panel you want and buy one set it up get a battery and a small inverter and play see what the one will do. Yard lights window fans TV. SAVE AS YOU PLAY..

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