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zack l asked What are some inherencies on solar energy?

Hello, I am in a debate class and I need some inherencies on solar energy please, thanks

And got the following answer:

Sure: Inherency-Current administration opposes R+D now "Top energy official extols Colorado based federal lab" Nov 8 2007 Judith Kohler. Fact: NREL has laid off 32 employees and suffered a $28 million shortfall (National Renewable Energy Lab) So currently understaffed and underfunded national labs for renewable energy research. Inherency-tax credits for renewable energy have fallen prey to cost cutting related to the Iraq war "Foster: Dems pushing for renewable energy," March 29, 2008 UPI There is an effort underway to extend and renew tax cuts supporting the production and use of renewable energy. The tax cuts for renewable energy have little chance of passing due to the costs of the Iraq war. (how ironic is that, LOL) These two inherencies prove that the US is not currently doing enough to support research and development of renewable energy such as solar, and also not extending tax credits to promote development and purchase of renewable energy such as solar. Also, look out your window. How many solar panels do you see? There is an inherency right there.

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