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Rebecca asked Can I add things to my home loan, such as a new solar panel system?

We plan on buying a property soon and having a pre-fab or modular home put on the land. I am wondering if the building costs, such as the foundation and cost for running the electricity to the property would be included in the home loan that we get? Also, what about the other upgrades, such as a new solar panel system? We plan to get a loan for $120K, the land will be almost free (its coming from a relative) and the cost for the modular home is going to be roughly 60K. Any advice is appreciated as we are first time home buyers. Also the state is florida if that makes a difference. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

Yours will be a "construction" loan, to build a house that doesn't presently exist, vs. a "mortgage" loan where an existing structure provides collateral for the lender, in addition to the value of the land itself. Best have a comprehensive plan to note what's proposed to be built, including a realistic date-of-completion, which will be required by those in the process (including permitting authorities). Almost immediately, working with a reputable building contractor to both develop a plan and get it approved, is best. How much you might provide in DIY work, to reduce the cost for the contractor, is negotiable. Whether or not solar power can be initially included rests on both the degree to which the plan is well done and if the lender will see that as a good investment.

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