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CAC asked what companys made asbestos,and what products was it used in.?

Iam trying to find the names of the companys that used asbestos in ther products, and what were those products.

And got the following answer:

Sorry for the long answer, but 1) you asked and 2) asbestos was as very, very useful material. Alas, it was also carcinogenic. Insulation (Pipe, boiler, corrugated air–cell, breaching, and block insulation; HVAC duct insulation; sprayed–in insulation; blown–in insulation; thermal paper products; electrical wiring insulation) Fireproofing/Acoustical Texture Products (includes acoustical plaster, decorative plaster, textured paint or coatings, fire blankets, fire curtains, fire doors) Textile and Cloth Products (includes blankets, protective cloth coverings, garments, asbestos gloves, threads, cords, yarns, braids) Spackling, Patching & Taping Compounds (includes caulking, putties, joint compounds, adhesives, tapes, thermal taping compounds) Gaskets and Packings (includes high temperature gaskets, packings for industrial products, high pressure packing, asbestos packing reinforced with steel or copper wire) Asbestos–cement Pipe and Sheet Material Tiles, Wallboard, Siding and Roofing (includes roofing shingles, roofing felt, base flashing, cement wallboard, cement siding, ceiling tiles and lay–in panels, asphalt floor tile, vinyl floor tile, vinyl sheet flooring, flooring backing, vinyl wall coverings) Friction Materials (Automotive and railroad brakes and clutches) Vermiculite (used in some horticultural potting mixes, brake pads, acoustic tiles, insulation) Laboratory hoods and table tops And for asbestos manufacturers, distributors and contractors: •A.W. Chesterton, Inc. •Allied Signal, Inc. (formerly Bendix Corp.) •Amtico, A Division of American Biltrite •Asbestos Corporation, Ltd. •Bell Asbestos Mines, Ltd. •Belmont Packing Company •Benjamin Foster, Division of Amchem •Bestwall Gypsum Company •Bondex International, Inc. •Brand Insulations, Inc. •Broudy Supply •Burnham Corporation •Capco Pipe Company •Celotex Corporation •Certain-Teed Corporation •Charles Reichert Supply •Clark Controller Co. •Cleaver Brooks Co. •Columbia Boiler Company •Congoleum Corporation •Crane Packing Company •Crouse-Hinds, Inc. •Crown Cork & Seal Co. (formerly Mundet Corp.) •Cutler Hammer Companies •Deacon Industrial Supply •Donlee Technologies, Inc. •Drever Furnaces •Durabla Manufacturing Co., Inc. •Durametallic Corp. •Eagle Picher Industries, Inc. •Fibreboard Corporation •Flintkote Company •Foster Wheeler Corporation •GAF Corporation •Garlock, Inc. •General Electric Company •General Motors Company •General Refractories •Georgia-Pacific Corporation •Gerber Plumbing Fixtures •Goodrich Corp. •Gould Pumps •Greene, Tweed & Company, Inc. •H.B. Smith •Hercules Chemical Co., Inc. •Herman Goldner Supply •J.H. France Refractories Co. •J. Lorber Supply Company •John Crane, Inc., a/k/a John Crane-Houdaille •Johns Manville Corporation •Kaiser Gypsum •Kilnoise •Kohler Company •Koppers •Melrath Gasket, Inc. •McCardle Desco Corp. •Mobil Oil Corporation •National Gypsum Company •New Deal Lumber •New Yorker Steel Boiler Co., Inc. •Owens Illinois, Inc./Kaylo •Owens Corning/Kaylo •Pars Manufacturing Co. •Pecora Corp. •Peerless Industries •Pfizer •Philip Carey Corporation •Pittsburgh Corning Corporation/Unibestos •Pneumo Abex Corp. (formerly American Brakeshoe Co. and Abex) •Pratt and Whitney •Quigley •Raybestos Manhattan Corporation •Riley Stoker Corp. •Rite Hose & Packings, Inc. (formerly Bevco Industries) •Rockbestos Company •Ruberoid Corporation •Sepco Corporation, Inc. •Sexauer Manufacturing Co. •Sid Harvey Mid Atlantic •Superior Boiler Works, Inc. •Thermo-Dynamics Boiler Co. •Thermo Electric Co. •Tremco •Union Carbide Corporation / Calidria Asbestos •Uniroyal, Inc. •United States Gypsum Corporation •Victor Products, A Division of Dana Corporation •Walter B. Gallagher Supply •Weil McClain •Weinstein Supply •Westinghouse Electric Corp. •William Betz Supply •WR Grace Corporation •York Insulation Co. Hope that helps.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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