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asked What is the Shelf Life of brand new unused unopened electronic equipment?

Say if I have few brand new unopened boxes of computer printers in my garage, will I be able to use them in another 10 or 20 years when my current one breaks. Same would apply to a TV or another electronic device. I am trying to understand whether electronic equipment would go bad over time when it is in unopened and unused condition in a temperature controlled environment.

And got the following answer:

Really depends on the device and the construction, parts on the PC boards, how they were soldered, and whether or not they were DOA before packing. Now take into account connection, cables and the like for what you may have to connect them to 10 to 20years later. Example parallel printers, trying to connect them to most current computers, that only have USB ports, is a bit of a hassle if you have to go buy a Parallel to USB adapter before you can use the printer. But for the most part, temp and moisture controlled environment, most electronics should last several years, considering how long lived many devices are while in use. I have a microwave that I bought in 1984 that is still working fine today. Same for a 13 inch color TV I bought while I was still in jr high, back in the early 70's and all my old Commodore 64 stuff still works after 30 years, just being thrown into a a couple of old printer paper boxes.

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