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Julie D. asked What is a safe way to clean mold off of antique wood furniture?

A friend of mine had an antique wood dining room set in a temperature controlled storage unit while in the process of moving. Now that she's ready to get it out of storage, she noticed there is some mold on one of the chairs, so she's asked me to ask this question for her since she knows I'm always on YA. So, do any of you have any ideas to SAFELY get rid of the mold without doing any damage to the wood? Thank you for any and all answers.

And got the following answer:

The type of wood and age of the chair would be helpful in knowing for sure, however we have used 409 or other disinfectant with success in removing mold. Spray it on a rag first, NOT directly on the chair. Keeping the chair in a dry environment will ensure the mold does not come back. The key is not to douse the wood in the cleaner. This should work well on polished woods like mahogany. A more open grain wood like oak you could try just using a rag and Pledge as some disinfectants will stain oak and open grain woods. The mold will not grow back if there is no source of moisture in the air for it, which is the condition you find in most forced air homes. Good luck!

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