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cantonfather asked Is the a valve on 2001 blazer to release air from heating system?

I have a blazer with no heat, I have replaced the thermostat, temperature control and flushed the system yet no heat. Prior to replacing the temperature control I had a little heat if I moved the control around, I doubt it is the heating core, I was told to let the air out of the system by a valve; however, I don't know where the valve is?

And got the following answer:

Follow your heater hoses from the engine block to the fire wall. Somewhere on one of the hoses should be a heater control valve, usually vacuum operated. Either the vacuum line came off or the valve quit working correctly. When your vehicle is warmed up, feel both heater hoses, they should be the same hot temperature, if not, you're not getting flow through the heater core.

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