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Paul asked How Can I grow Algae in a controlled Envioronment?

I am a student working on a Bio Tech project and am attempting to use algae to Bio-remediate water. However, areceivingeving the algae from UTex I have had complications growing it. We are currently using the test tube given to us as a control and attempted putting the algae (UTEX 2164/ Nanochloropsis Oculata) into fresh water, we are "growing" the substances under artificial UV lights, any comments on how to grow/speed up the process would be greatly appreciated.

And got the following answer:

I don't know if you're actually growing the algae under "just" UV, (if you are, there's no photosynthesis taking place!) or with full-spectrum lighting that includes UV (better, since this will also have the wavelengths needed for photosynthesis). If you suspect that some amount of UV is necessary for their growth, the problem may be your test tubes. Not all glass will allow UV rays to be transmitted. You may have to grow the algae in open containers instead, and replace water as it evaporates. Also - what about nutrients? Algae need to have a source of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc. It wouldn't hurt to give them a very dilute plant fertilizer, or an aquatic plant fertilizer. Increasing temperature and day length may also help. And forgive me if this seems obvious to you, but you are growing it in saltwwater (specific gravity ~1.024) aren't you?

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