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Saedrea asked What is the exact temperature that makes it too hot or too cold to ship a puppy?

I was wondering that the airlines consider too hot and too cold at an exact degree for shipping a puppy. I read somewhere that it was 85 degrees for too hot, but that still seems really hot to me...Haven't read anywhere about what makes it too cold. Also I thought that the cargo area were pressurized and temperature controlled, is this true or not? I don't see why they wouldn't do it for the whole plan especially since shipping puppies seems to be very popular these days.

And got the following answer:

Each airline has different criteria - some will not ship certain breeds, others will not ship dogs during entire seasons. Cargo is not climate controlled, it is always dangerous to put your dogs there - I would never take a chance on that. There is a company, Home Pet Airways that claims to ship animals, and animals only - I've never used it, but I would certainly look into that if I had to ship a dog and couldn't take it in passenger with me --- but, as I said, I would never put a dog in cargo.

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