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Bret asked What is the best home tool kit for the price?

I thought about a kit like the one below (I know it's a mechanics kit but I have a hammer already). What tools are essential or nice to have? I just bought a home last year and have used the basics but thought it would be nice to have an organized kit

And got the following answer:

You need: a good standard hammer;* a set of Robertson, phillips, and square blade screwdrivers; a Vice- Grip; a needle-nose and a broad-nose set of pliers; a 3/4 metal tape measure @ 12 feet; an electric, or cordless drill - a shop-vac for wet or dry is good to have; an extension Light on a twelve foot cord is a must-have; a set of spanners and nut-drivers various domestic sizes; a combination nail-puller - crow-bar a carpet knife; a roll of (wait for it) Duct-tape! ; an awl; paint-can-opener; a soldering iron with solder and brass brush, flux; a hand flashlight, some sturdy leather gloves and a small First-Aid kit to keep in tool kit. A ladder is a good thing to have, but you can always borrow from the neighbour. Lastly, you need a good toolbox, preferably a snap-on style, that you can snap a combination lock onto. I hope that suits you. Anything less will leave you wanting at the time of a surprise repair

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