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Amy Miller asked How much is Comcast WiFi?

How much is it per month? Does that mean laptops and iPod touches will work with Comcast WiFi? (mostly an iPod touch) Do you install WiFi into certain rooms? Does your whole house (in all rooms) usually get a good signal?

And got the following answer:

Comcast has a varying rate schedule, each town/county/ state can have a different rate structure. Basically, you can probably get the basic wireless service without cable TV or telephone for a intro rate of about $20 per month, that goes up to around $45 after 6 months. Faster rates are available (but if you are staying wireless, there is little point.. unless you have 4 or more computers to share bandwidth) .. faster rates cost more, up to around $200 for about 60 MBps upstream, 5MBps down (these are the 'named' rates.. not always reality) Almost any wi-fi device will work with modern wi-fi routers. Just make sure you match up the letters. -- as shorthand for complicated frequency and transmission rules, they use 802.11 - A, -B, -G, -N, and some others. B is the oldest, slowest and most basic. N is the newest, and potentially fastest if done right. Think of wi-fi like a cordless phone. In most apartments and homes, we can just place one phone base near the center of the living space. When the phone rings, we can usually answer the wireless phone in most of the house. If you have a really big house, or if you have a lot of interference, this can complicate things. Wi-Fi routers are stronger than the average phone base station, but they do have some of the same complications. Unless you have a huge home, or have lots of plants ( leaves just kill radio signals) .. you shouldn't have too many worries. When you buy into the service, Comcast will either offer to install and then lease a cable modem + wifi router for you. You may or might not pay anything up front - look for a deal.. but it will cost between $5 and $15 per month on top of your access charges. Once you see how it is done, you can buy your own ( Motorola Surfboard Extreme with wifi and DOCSIS 3.0.. all you need, and ok by Comcast) was priced at $150 last night at a local Best Buy store. Notes: - make sure you get the entire deal in writing before you let the cable guy start drilling into your walls. - really , in writing. - yes, they can fish wire through the wall instead of stapling, and they can / should put insulating foam around any exterior wall breach. ( they may charge a little more, but you will be happier that no wires are dangling) - you can hire your own electrician to run the wire, and make it all look nice, then have Comcast come to make the outside connection, terminate inside wiring, and finish the connections. - usually, once you pay for the service, you can connect all the routers and computers you want inside your house. Wired connections are faster and more reliable, and you can always put a second access point or router someplace else in the house if signal is weak. - again.. make sure the entire seal is in writing. everything from installation methods and materials to monthly costs.

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