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tailjunkie asked how big of a pump can i run with a 12 v deep cycle battery and inverter?

digging a shallow well for occasional intermittent water use, will be likely 20-25 ft deep, with 1 1/4" pipe pumping to a cistern. i have a 12v marine battery on a solar panel, and a 2500 watt generator available. do i need a true sine wave inverter for the pump with either of these? can i use modified sine? how many hp pump can i run? do i need more batteries?

And got the following answer:

Here is another idea you may want to consider. DC solar submersible pumps are available from Grundfos, Shurflo, and SunPumps. They work directly off of the solar panels. No batteries, no inverters. Just a small controller. When the sun comes up, it pumps. You are using a cistern, so you have a reserve for nighttime and cloudy days. These pumps are pricey, but between inverters, batteries, switchgear and efficiency issues, you are usually cheaper going this way. A little research is required to match pump sizes to your panel, and how many GPM you will get. Also look at warranties and availability.

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