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asked Romex in tight spaces?

I am installing some LED under cabinet light bars and to avoid having to fish through an exterior wall I was hoping I could drop the 14/2 romex down the corner of the wall between the wall and the back corner of cabinet from up top (where it drops out of the attic). The space is tight, but for the most part the romex slides down this little gap without much force - to illustrate the size for example 14/3 "might" fit down it, but 2 Romex strands would not fit. I am worried about overheating the romex with what I know about romex, insulation, pipes and conduits.

And got the following answer:

As long as the outer sheathing will go through, you're fine. Romex is intended to be in direct contact with combustible building materials. It's acceptable to use 14/2 as long as it's on a circuit breaker rated at 15A or less. Code may be a small concern due to the fact that 14 is not permitted for use for any reason in many municipalities. This has absolutely nothing to do with safety provided that other mistakes were not made though. The lighting that you're using draws so little current that it would even be safe to use a much smaller wire, that would however be prohibited by code unless a few conditions were met.

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