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stormsinger1 asked The pilot light went out on our Enviro-Temp gas water heater last night. How to relight?

We rent, and this is the first time it's happened. We removed the panel and found the control area with the water temperature knob and the "pilot light" knob, but we can't actually find where to light the dang thing!! Does anyone know where it is? Thanks.

And got the following answer:

There should be a small door at the very bottom of the tank with maybe one/two screws on it. The tank should have directions that say the dial on the gas valve should be in the pilot position and hold the valve down. put a long match or lighter in the small door and follow small tubing to the end that's where the pilot should be if it working correctly. When it lights hold the the Dial for about a minute then let go and turn to run. allot of tanks are different but this is how most of them work so if there isn't any directions on the tank itself then try to get the make and model and look it up on the net and when all else falls call a the gas company sometime they will light them for you to.

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