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Adam K asked Computer won't turn on.?

I built my computer serveral years ago but just before christmas one day I moved the tower and I think power cut off and I thought I killed the PSU because the motherboard's LED was still lighting up. So I replaced the 700w PSU with a 750w PSU and still no luck, power still going to motherboard just nothing turning on or no power going to the fans or any of the hardware so I decided to unplug everything and keep 1 gb of ram init and discount harddrives/fans and most of the components and still no luck. So I put it down to it been the motherboard so I purchased another motherboard last week. Plugged everything in lastnight and the motherboards LED doesnt even light up ( is this the motherboard i've purchased off ebay) or is it something else am not considering, I tried a different power lead etc. I just don't know whats a matter with it. Shall I asume that the motherboard I bought off ebay is dead and I purchased a pile of garbage or do I think its something else :S? Any ideas would be appriciated because its a good computer when I built it and its still fast now for its age. intel Q6600 quad 4gb corsair 8800gts yeah I have but still no look ill try jumping it with screwdriver to see if Its the switch

And got the following answer:

I'm no hardware guru, but here goes. I had an IBM laptop on which the Motherboard died - however, it still turned on but nothing else. Also when you purchased the new Motherboard, did you check its compatibility against your current BIOS set-up? Depending on the age of your Computer's BIOS and the newness of the Motherboard there could be an incompatibility problem. Word of Caution: if you upgrade your machine's BIOS, make sure everything else will work with new Motherboard.

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