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Andi asked How should i furnish my art studio?

Im gonna make a art studio in my attic. I already have a desk, papers, coloring pencils, fabric, a tiny cupboard, arty posters, a book where you can cut pictures out. Thats all, anyone know how to decorate and furnish it, my attic is only grey, so really boring! Ideas???

And got the following answer:

Grey is fine as it's neutral, but white would be better because the main thing you want in any studio is light. Natural sunlight is best because it's what all other types are measured by, but if you don't have any windows or skylights up there, or you like to work at night, then the proper amount of artificial light is critical. Experiment with different types of bulbs and fixtures. Compact fluorescents are the wave of the future as they use a lot less energy and don't get hot like the old incandescents did. Same goes for LED's and they're even more efficient than CFL's. Make sure you're being safe up there, too. If you're working with oil paints or other solvents make sure you have enough ventilation and that you're disposing of oily rags properly by letting them dry out flat on a non flammable surface prior to throwing away. You could cover the floor with an old carpet or buy a small rug at a discount store. You could also use house wrap which will reflect light and help the room seem bigger. Most studios don't have much in the way of decoration as they are places in which to work. Depending on what type of medium you plan to use and the availability of natural light, you may want to keep it as bland as possible, or add some color to the walls and ceiling if you want. If you have a color that is especially pleasing or calming to you, then that would be an obvious choice. A great option for you might be Idea Paint which turns any surface into a dry erase board and is available at Lowe's. I hope I've given you some ideas you can use. There really is no right or wrong and whatever you do will be okay as long as it helps you achieve what you are aiming for. It's hard for us to offer precise suggestions because we don't know your personality or what type of medium you're working in. Anything that deadens or absorbs sound so you can concentrate and anything to make the space brighter will be a big plus, no matter what your goals are. Good luck.

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