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asked what would be a really cool freshwater tank setup with fish that will wow people when they see it?

the tank is 50 gallons. i have been want an awesome show tank.

And got the following answer:

Cosmetic factors count but so do the fish! I prefer lots of little fish that school or have immense color or cool patterns instead of a single large waste producing fish. Make a 3D in tank background, look up DIY 3D tank backgrounds on Google. I am constructing one for my 250 gallon for my show "firecracker" Arowana. (Firecracker Arowana is a fancy way of saying Red and Gold Arowana). How I do 3D backgrounds... A lot of people will recommend cement but I don't cement crumbles over time and weighs a TON. What I do is I get Styrofoam, shape it with some sandpaper, and make a basic mold and then I lay fiberglass strips over the mold. Once it dries I scrape/tear the chunks out of Styrofoam and paint the background with Krylon fusion paint. Kyrlon Fusion is non toxic and will not peel off over time underwater. It sounds like ALOT of work but its fun and creative. The results are stunning. Also, sand is appealing. It is harder to clean so make sure you research how to properly siphon it as if sand is not cleaned often toxic build-up happens. If you have sand you can make a "Sand-Fall". I've done this twice with my aquariums and I plan to do it a third time with my new 45 gallon. Its basically a pump sucks up the sand and there is a waterfall of sand running underwater. You can google or Youtube this as well and get many results. Lights! Lights count as well. If you are ready to invest some money Marineland sells some great LEDS that "shimmer" sort of creating the essence of waves or sunlight underwater. You can also switch to a "moonlight" which is a blue LED. Now for fish... I am going to first say Galaxy Rasbora, they are group or schooling fish and they are appealing to the eye. They are also called Chili Rasbora etcetera. Cardinal/Neon Tetras, small, but in a large school they are attractive zipping back and forth in a tank. Gourami, Dwarf Gourami are the most peaceful and they come in Powder Blue, Flame, Honey etcetera. Just make sure you don't have any fin nippers that will harm them! If you have excellent water quality look into an 8+ of Glass Catfish. Keep the tank clean and make sure not to overstock and you'll have a beautiful show aquarium! - Happy New Years! EDIT: Bob, you need to do some research yourself. A Black Ghost Knife fish grows to 2 feet. They need the MINIMUM of an 85 gallon aquarium. They are HIGHLY sensitive to water quality, to chemicals and medicine that go in the aquarium. A BGK would stunt in a 55 gallon.

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