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Dante asked How much would it cost to build a 75 gallon reef tank ?

I have $5000 saved up. I want to know how much it would all cost for the whole set up including fish,corals,live rock , ECT. Also what does an ro/di unit do and where is it placed I want all the top of the line stuff . I also want to know what's the best led lighting

And got the following answer:

$5000 can get you there. The most expensive is not always the best. A RO/DI unit does not go on the tank, that is to filter your tap water. I have mine off my laundry room. It feeds several 55 gallon drums with the waste discharge line going directly outside to my lawn. I'm not a fan of the LED lighting. You want one that simulates a 400 watt halide as the best and brightest. One that at least has the output of a 250 watt halide should work for most corals. The bset filter is going to be a sump refugium with a nice skimmer. You can get really nice prefab combos for less than $1000. To save some money, use cheaper and uglier live rock as the base of the rock pile, then stock premium live rock on the face of the rock pile. This is the main cost. I love the quality of rock at for the top of the line rock for the top of the rock pile. About $400-$1000 is right for a decent rock pile of some high quality rock and some lower end base, depending on where you are located and how much you get of each. Then coral, it all depends on the coral. Getting small frags and growing them is cheaper and satisfying, but you dont get the packed reef look until the coral grows. Buying show pieces from the start might cost you several hundred per coral. I did a lot of DIY and grew my coral from frags. My 90 gallon was about $2,000 to get going not including the cost of the tank.

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