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Rei asked Why do I alternate between being a light and heavy sleeper under different conditions?

Well, I am in general a relatively heavy sleeper(I have slept through many heavy thunderstorms etc) but, when there are other people sleeping in the same room, or other people present in the same room, anything will wake me up, even the slightest noise of a glass clinking. This light sleeping also happens whens I have something to hide, like once, I had a drawing on my arm that I didn't want my father to see, and when my mother entered my room at 1.30 am to check on me that night, I woke up so fast that she assumed that I was awake the whole time. This is strange since I slept through my brother breaking my lamp with a baseball bat before. It seems almost like a survival instinct thing. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

And got the following answer:

Ambient sound is the most common cause of sleep interruption, since even during sleep, the brain must actively receive sensory information. But as it continually monitors stimuli from the environment in order to protect against threats, the brain also actively blockades them to allow body and mind to recharge and rest during sleep. Now, for the first time, sleep researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, led by neurologist Dr. Jeffrey Ellenbogen, have isolated the brain-wave pattern that predicts where an individual's brain has struck a balance between those demands — a window into how likely noises are to wake people from deep sleep.

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