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Connor asked what size tires can i put on 16 inch rims for my jeep wrangler 1997?

I also want to buy a lift kit. I want 33 inch tires but they've got to be able to fit on my old 16 inch rims. I was wondering what size lift kit to buy and if anyone knew of a specific brand of tires that would fit my rims.

And got the following answer:

Here's a good place to compare what's available. Don't trust what you read on just one site. Search the jeep forums to see what owners who've tried the lift/tire combo think. Be sure to read the installation instructions BEFORE buying a lift kit. Some require drilling, cutting and even welding on the suspension. Others simply bolt on. Some require additional parts not included. http://www.quadratec.com/advisor/jeep_lift_kits/

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