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Robert asked Can I parallel connect two 12V chargers to charge a power drill?

I have lost my charger for my B&D power drill and don't want to buy a new charger. On the drill it says that the input voltage is 12V and luckily I have two 12V universal chargers with the right charger bit to plug into the drill for charging - I tried each one individually and the drill just doesn't charge. I suppose that an adapter by its own doesn't provide enough watts for the drill to charge... And therefore I presume that by parallel-connecting the two chargers by using a wire to connect the two plus pins on the chargers and do the same on the minus pins and then attach the other end of the wires to their respective connectors on the charging bit and put that into the drill charging port. The question is, would that ruin the chargers, the drill or both? I have used each charger individually on the drill, in fact for days, they just get a bit warm but not hot and they still work with other devices for charging, but the drill just doesn't get charged. Please refrain from telling me to buy a dedicated charger for the drill, I don't want to do that if I can avoid that by using my existing two universal chargers. Thank you in advance for any useful answers!

And got the following answer:

Firstly, you need to check the amperage on the two chargers. They have to be same! For example, one may be 200mA and the other 2A. That can be dangerous if they're put together and could damage the drill by overcharging the batteries. If the chargers are both the exactly the same, check if the amperage output would be the same as that of the ordinary charger. For example, two 1A chargers with the drill input of 1A. This should work, but supervise the charging, as it will charge much quicker and could overheat and cause damage. But unless the ratings on the two adapters are the same, don't do it! Hope this helps!

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