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ShiriN asked How do I send an email to my teacher asking her If I can be a drill team manager?

Okay so, we have a drill team called "markettes" in our high school and usually they have like 3 or 4 "markette managers" and I wanted to be a manager but I have trouble sending an email to my dance teacher (director) asking her if I can be a manager, because usually they choose the managers but they only have 1 manager now and they need 2 more. If you could help me to write an email to her that'll be GREATTTT!!!!!

And got the following answer:

Get your parents to help you if you must..that said you are a HS student now and should I would hope be able to type a email to you teacher. This is something you should do on your own. Just put what you want in the email and get you folks to review it before you send.

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