electric kettle with temperature control

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asked When was historically recorded the invention of hot watter pipe?

And who came up with a pipe that warms the watter offering humanity precious extra time,now you don t have to waste fire to warm your watter.But when who invented the hot watter pipe,and how does this process works?I only know the result...i turn my watter to hot and i get hot watter,but how?Dumb questions i know...answer please!

And got the following answer:

Before the 19th Century, a hot bath was a rare treat. Water could only be heated by putting it in a kettle over a fire, so a hot bath took a lot of preparation. During this time, natural hot springs were prized resorts for relaxation. The first device remotely resembling a water heater showed up in the 1850s, in the form of gas jets that heated the water in a bath from beneath. An Englishman named Benjamin Maughan developed a water heater in 1868 called The Geyser. Maughan's invention heated the water as it poured into the bath. This device was difficult to control and quite dangerous, quickly building a reputation for those brave enough to use it. Edwin Rudd, a Norwegian mechanical engineer, is the founder of the modern-day electric water heater. Rudd invented a storage-based water heater in 1889, and founded the Rudd Manufacturing Company to manufacture and sell these devices. Rudd's design consisted of a large tank to store hot water, and a heat source to warm it to the desired temperature. The drawback to these water heaters is that once the storage empties, it takes time for new water to reach the right temperature, since water entering the storage tank is cold. When the hot water runs out, it can take a few hours for the supply to replenish. Given the drawbacks to storage-based hot water heaters, tank less water heaters were the next logical step in water heater development. Tank less water heaters heat the water as it passes through the line, instead of heating a volume of water and holding it in a storage tank. Some people in warmer climates actually used solar-powered water heaters. These water heaters operate on the storage-model they're a good alternative where there's plenty of sunlight.

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