electronic shower temperature control

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1) Having lights on in the house... turn them off; use sunlight and candlelight 2) Driving (using fuel which required energy to make)... walk, bike or take public transit (or carpool) 3) Creating waste (more garbage and recycling requires more garbage trucks and thus more fuel, road maintenance form heavy trucks, etc...)... recycling requires energy to make new items from old (especially plastic items)... use less disposable items (i.e. switch from plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups to stainless steel bottles and travel mugs; switch from plastic to cloth grocery bags) 4) Wasting paper (even if you recycle it) requires energy for logging and pulp and paper industries... switch to electronic means of communication (i.e. email); print double-sided; reuse scrap paper 5) Household appliances can suck up large amounts of energy even when they are seemingly "off" - for example, TVs are in 'standby' mode when shut off, which still uses energy. You can install a household breaker switch that controls the entire power system of leisure electronics (does not include refrigerators, heaters, etc., obviously) 6) Heating/cooling costs in houses... lower by a few degrees in winter; increase by a few degrees in summer... seal any drafts that let cool/warm air in/out and make heating/cooling systems work harder to maintain desired interior temperatures... install double-paned windows that are better insulators 7) Take shorter, cooler showers... water usages takes up energy, especially hot water 8) Choose manual devices over electronic appliances (i.e. manual can openers, old-fashioned leaf raking and snow shoveling) 9) Let your hair and hands air dry instead of using blow dryers 10) Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones (Energy Star certified)

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