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g asked What is purpose and diffrence between FADEC and Electronic Engine Control in Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine?

Can any one please explain me what is difference between Full Authority Digital Engine Control and ELectronic engine control in an aircraft gas turbine Engine ? What all parameters are controlled in EEC and what extra parameters are controlled in FADEC ? What is the main difference ?

And got the following answer:

FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Controller) is a complete system that usually comprises a two channel EEC (Electronic Engine Controller), some backup EPM (Engine Protection Module) and may have also EMU (Engine Monitoring Unit), PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator) and other components. EEC is just a part of FADEC, but can be also a system supplementing mechanical controls. As to what parameters are controlled, each design is different and usually custom made for a particular engine. In short, EEC must controll/monitor all parameters needed to make the engine run as required (fuel flow, pressures, temperatures, rpm, etc.). On the top of it, FADEC must also protect the engine in case of EEC failure.

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