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charliestaton asked latent heat in fluid (electrical & heat transfer question)?

I am brainstorming a design for an ethanol distiller. I need to keep the fluid in a tank at a constant 173 degrees. I am considering using either propane, natural gas, or aerosolized ethanol as my heat source. In any of these cases, the fuel for the fire will need to flow through a control valve. Proportional valves are expensive so I was thinking about using an ordinary on/off valve and heating via a scheme similar to PWM. I have a Eurotherm 808 PID heater controller which I can use to control the valve. I can set a minimum 'on time' to prevent excessive cycling of the valve. (the meat of my question) I am counting on the latent heat of my tank + the fuid within the tank to 'average out' intermittent blasts of heat. I thought this would work well, considering how much thermal mass a tank of water must have, but last night while boiling eggs, I noticed that the water in the pot stops boiling instantly when I remove it from the burner. So I fear I may be completely wrong about how latent heat & thermal mass works with a body of water. Will my idea work? Why does the water stop boiling when I remove the heat source?

And got the following answer:

1. Heating an ethanol tank with gas sounds dangerous. You cannot use electric heaters? 2. On-off control will work fine, but temperature swings will be larger than PID control. 3. You should insulate your tank to minimize cycling and save energy. Once insulated, your temperature swings will depend on new ethanol coming in. Clarify your question for additional comments. . .

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