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motellivin asked How do I fix the temperature control in my apartment?

Ok I have a problem. My landlord is pissing me off with the heat situation. My rent includes heats (electric).....and at first the heat wasnt turned on when it started getting cold..and then finally they turned on the heat but its BLAZING it litarally feels like a hot summer day in here (80-90 degrees in here) im sweating bullets and i dont have control over the heat. the circle temperature control thing is down to zero but i cant turn off the do i fix this?!

And got the following answer:

The heat was probably off for the season (when it was cold). Now that its on, it sounds like your thermostat is broken. Remember getting upset won't help to get this fixed.. so you need to talk to the landlord and mention that you believe the thermostat is broken, and that there is more heat than you need is coming into the apartment. Remind him/her how expensive the heat costs are. Note this may take a day/two to fix. In the meantime, turn on some fans, or simply open a window (just a crack - periodically) you don't want to LOOSE all your heat. You just want to dissipate the EXCESS heat. Remember - complaining and demanding makes things gets fixed SLOWER. Being nice, and asking nicely. Giving people time to buy the parts... tends to get things fixed right away. (Life lesson).

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