fermenter temperature control system

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SHAH RIZAN asked Explain in detail the application of microprocessor-based system in robotic system?

And got the following answer:

An integrated microprocessor-based fermenter controller was developed in 1980 for an operational environment at Cetus Corp. The main goals in the design and construction of the system were (1) to facilitate scale-up; (2) to provide flexibility and high performance for optimizing fermentation processes; and (3) to be cost-effective for 15 in-house systems. It was also developed to work in conjunction with a laboratory minicomputer for on-line optimization experiments. The controller controls temperature, agitation, dissolved oxygen, pH, and foam throughout each fermentation run without manual intervention. The feedback control parameters have been optimized to provide very accurate control over a wide range of setpoint conditions and under rapidly changing metabolic conditions such as induced during an Escherichia coli batch run. The controller has also been configured to monitor, display, and record each of the controlled variables; support the interactive operator console; and communicate with the laboratory computer. In over 4 years of operation, these systems have met the design goals and have proven to be very reliable. The controller is described, its operational performance presented, and a typical fermentation run delineated

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