fermenter temperature control

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Danny asked How do you make good home-made beer?

Might belong in the other section on beverages, but looks like everybody over there is too busy drinking. Out of great respect for the expertise over here, however, any brewmeisters with some basics?

And got the following answer:

My tips... - Get a copy of John Palmer's "How to Brew". This is an amazing book that will walk you through every step of the process. It will also outline the equipment you will need to get started on your first batch and give you some easy recipes to brew. (Visit your local or online Homebrew supply shop to get your equipment and ingredients.) - Clean and Sanitize everything! These are 2 separate steps (You cannot sanitize something that is not clean) and are the most important thing you can do to make good beer. Use PBW for cleaning and StarSan for sanitizing. - After boiling, fully chill your wort before moving it to the fermenter. - Do whatever you can to control fermentation temperatures - it is much better for the yeast to have a stable, but maybe not optimal, temperature than to have 5 degree temperature swings on either side of the optimal temperature. - Find the Brewing Network, and listen to all the old (and current) podcasts of "Brew Strong". They give amazing information to help you brew great beer. Have fun! It's a great hobby!

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