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Nicholas asked can someone tell me the setting locations themes plot happenings from the book the red kayak?

this will be the first grade in the book

And got the following answer:

the web page (below) has several answers: Setting Posted on February 28, 2011 by caitlynandjuliet The main setting to our book, the Red Kayak, is a couple different places. The place the main character is the most is his house; he is in his house a lot with his family and friends. The other main place is on the water. The main character loves being on the water. The last main place is school. He is a kid so he goes to school 8 hours a day like everyone else. The theme is that to be careful about what actions you take. This theme is developed throughout the book because in the beginning Brady ends up saving a little boy so that was a good action and in the middle he finds out that Digger and J.T. are the ones responsible for making the kayak sink, because they made holes in the kayak. This teaches you to be careful with what you do because the book says that they never meant to do any real harm, even though they caused a death. So this means that if you do something even if you mean no harm it could still affect someone greatly. In the end of the book Brady tells his parents about what happened this was him taking responsibility for what happened so that people know what really happened with the kayak incident. That’s why I think the theme is to be careful of what actions you decide to take. The Conflict Posted on March 10, 2011 by caitlynandjuliet The main problem is what and who he should tell about his friends drilling holes in the red kayak. Brady, his friends, (J.T and Digger) and the DiAngelo’s are involved in this. Brady is involved because he gave the idea of drilling the holes in the kayak, not intending to hurt anyone. Brady’s friends, J.T and Digger, are involved because they stole a cordless drill and water glue (that gives out once being wet for 30 minutes) and drill the holes in the DiAngelo’s red kayak then gluing the holes back in with the water glue. The DiAngelo’s (mostly just Mrs. DiAngelo and their little boy, Ben) are involved because it was their red kayak and Mrs. DiAngelo took herself and Ben out on the water in the red kayak and it started sinking. When Mr. DiAngelo called for a search party it was to late for Ben; he died of hypothermia. They rescued Mrs. DiAngelo before she died but barley. Brady feels like it’s his entire fault even though he didn’t drill the holes, his friends did. He told his parents and Brady’s uncle, Carl, said before telling the cops they’re going to need a really good lawyer because they will probably take it to court. Everyone was sad Ben died and Brady was scared to tell anyone what happened because he was worried no one would look at him the same.

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