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sln_raju asked I am from India can I start a small trading business in US, and if yes what are the formalities.?

I am from India and I want to start a trading business in US, I can invest an amount of (US$ 50000.00 (Rs.25 Lacks) and I am a under graduate, and i am in business of power tools dealing Bosch Power Tools, Hyderabad, India. I have a ambition of migrating to US can somebody help me in this regard.

And got the following answer:

Answer courtesy of – Starting your own import business can be EASY! I will assume that you want to start this business once you migrate to the USA. If this is not the case e-mail me for more information. My website also has an e-mail address under contacts where you can reach me more easily as it will forward to my phone. Now, as to your question. Since you will be a US resident you will be able to apply with the US Internal Revenue Service for a taxpayer ID number. You then need to register that number and your business with US Customs. Your customs broker can handle that for you. I go into detail around finding a good broker in my program. US Customs also publishes a free book on their website You can download it in PDF. It is a long and boring book to read - I think my manual and classes are much simpler an easier for someone starting out. However - the US Customs one is free. Also - Bosch Power is a register trade name in the USA and you may need permission from them to import their products. Good luck in you business venture.

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