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John asked How do I run power tools on portable power?

I'd like to run some DeWalt corded power tools...drill, reciprocating saw, of some sort of portable power. I don't want to buy both corded and un-corded models of every tool. How can I use a corded tool when I don't have an outlet nearby? Suggestions?

And got the following answer:

Well they have two types of power but the one that utilizes several batteries wouldn't last long. Your best bet is to buy a 4 stroke generator with wheel kit installed. These things are heavy & you do not want to have to carry them everywhere. I would buy a used one because a lot of people get free generators from FEMA then turn around & sell them a few yrs later when they just sit in their garage. Just make sure it starts & runs smooth because sometimes when you let gas generators set, the carbs gum up & some carbs are very expensive. I priced one on my troybilt for $190 but got lucky & found it in England for $80.

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