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hj_cool asked Minimum Voltage and Current a Hair Straightener could work on?

So for our first semester college project we are thinking of making a portable hair Straightener . but the question is whats the least amount of voltage and current required to run a hair straightener that works so we can decide the type and amount of batteries we are gonna use. and if we want to make a small scale electric food heater (like an oven) how much voltage it wud require since our professor showed us a small electric heater plate (round around size of a glass) that worked on USB power (5volts) ... Can i please get answers 🙂

And got the following answer:

A lot of heaters of that type that has to be controlled and safe uses a PTC materials as elements (resistance goes up dramatically with temperature at some temperature.) I'm not sure how thin you can make them. Omega and Kanthal etc sell foil heaters that would also be useful. It is made by laminating a metal foil between Kapton or other high temperature polymers. The would need some sort of control. You need to think about what is practical and cost effective. Go to a lowes or home depot and look on cordless tools. A cordless drill is up around 200W peak power and I think you need to be up around there. Here is an other option that might be cheaper.. A Ni-Mh battery pack like the sub C based packs used for RC cars can deliver up around 20A continuous and up around 40A if you push it and still be reasonably reliable, The capacity is about 3000mAh for a cheap cell so you get little over 20-40W/cell. A standard car pack like a Traxxas pack has 6 or 7 cells. and it is about the right size for a handle. The key to a hair straightener on battery would also be to minimize the mass you are heating so that you waste as little power as possible. Think about the mass of the hair you are heating vs the mass of the heating element. You are going to use more energy to heat the heater than the hair unless you are careful. The USB food heater is not very relevant. They are useless for heating the food. They can barely keep food warm since you can only pull about 10W out of that interface (look up the USB standard) Water has a heat capacity of 4kJ/kgK

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