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bonefixer asked what is the best cordless drill?

And got the following answer:

I am not an expert on all brands, but I can tell you that it seems that "you get what you pay for," more or less. I have bought at least six different cordless drills and have used them quite a lot. My experience has been that the "bargain" drills I have bought new at Target and Checker Auto parts on special sales have been almost worthless, whereas the more expensive brands I have bought used at yard sales have performed better and lasted longer than the chaep new ones. For example, i bought two Proter-Cable drills for $10 each at a garage sale and got a lot of powerful use out of them. Also I bought a well-used Sears Craftsman drill from a yard sale, and it stil works well. The new imported brand I bought at auto parts stores lasted about a week. The part that usually fails is the battery, which stops holding a charge. I have half-a dozen good drills without batteries, which arer more expensive (about $50.) than buying another drill on sale or at a yard sale. My more affluent friends like the DeWalt (fairly expensive) ones you can buy at Home Depot, but I have not wanted to spend that much. I have borrowed theirs sometimes, and they are strong. If you plan to put the drill to heavy-duty use, I suggest that you buy a quality brand, whether new or used.

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