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Joshua asked Where can I get a 12 volt dc to 12 volt ac inverter?

Hey guys, Do any of you have an idea of where I can buy a 12v dc-> 12v ac inverter? I will be using a solar panel that will be charging a battery, then running the battery to a R/O system. The R/O system needs 12 volts AC. The solar panel outputs DC. How can I make this happen? Thanks!

And got the following answer:

How about a common 12 VDC to line voltage inverter and a common line voltage to 12 VAC step down transformer? That way you are looking for common cheap mass produced parts instead of a low volume (if anybody makes it at all) expensive specialty item. The first thing to do is include the wattage requirements of the R/O system with your question and how many you plan to make. What country you are in could make a difference also. Does the R/O system really use AC motors? Or does it just convert the input to DC?

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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