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TeejSSX16 asked What would happen if I got a wind turbine for my house?

I know It would produce more energy than the house would need, but what happens with the extra energy. I think I heard that it gets put into the system and goes towards other houses power, but the electric company pays you. Is this correct? We have a wind turbine right off a highway near our my house, and I don't hear anything, or do you mean up close? Well, I would pay for the turbine from the money from my job, instead of having a turbine at my job.

And got the following answer:

There are home size wind turbines that don't make a ton of noise and that are affordable. Many companies like this one do wind and solar combo systems for areas like mine that don't get enough sun but often get good breezes. You have to have an inverter to sell power back and when you do you often get "credits" toward your next bill. you may also get a check - each power company is different - check with your local power company for specifics related to your property.

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