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robertinark asked Can you leave cordless drill/driver plugged in for long extended periods?

I would like to buy a cordless drill/driver but would not be using on a regular basis (well... most of the time... infrequently). Would that do damage to the rechargeable batteries? Would it be better to only charge prior to when I know I will be needing to use it? Any insight would be helpful. Thxs.

And got the following answer:

This is not supposed to be harmful, but it may shorten the usable battery life. The new Lithium Ion (Lion) batteries have no memory, and go full power until they die. If you are going to use it very occasionally, a corded drill might be a better choice. Corded drills have more power, are significantly less expensive, and the batteries never die or fail to accept a charge. My personal choice in cordless tools is rigid, available at home depot. If you register the tools they have a lifetime warranty on everything including batteries for about the same price as Makita, dewalt, and hitachi.

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