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Kawika asked Can I connect a solar panel directly to an inverter?

I'm working on a small project where I can connect low voltage/watts equipment using an inverter connected directly to my solar panels. I know you can connect them directly to each other but what is the power ratio to run the inverter and its load....meaning. If i want to run a 100 watt 12V inverter, what solar panel(wattage/amps/voltage) do i need. How much amps/voltage do i need from the solar panels to make the inverter work, with and without load?

And got the following answer:

Normally it is not connected directly because the voltage and current output from the panel is fluctuating as it is entirely dependent on the sun's rays. So the solar panel is therefore connected via a "Charge Controller" to a 12V lead acid battery to charge it. The battery is then connected to the inverter.

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