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u know who asked Kegerator?

How do i make a Kegerator and what do i need to make it?? please let me know

And got the following answer:

You can buy factory made kegerators and spend a little extra money, or you can build one yourself. If you want to build one yourself, you will need to get: a fridge, mini-fridge or chest freezer (measure the inside dimensions to make sure everything will fit, Sanyo 4912 is a popular model among the homebrewers) a CO2 tank (generally 5 or 10 pounds is enough, contact a local welding supply shop to buy the tank and get it filled) a dual gauge regulator (one gauge shows CO2 tank pressure, the other shows keg/serving pressure) temperature controller (allows you to keep the fridge at a specific temp) hookups & hoses (assorted, depending on the build) a tap column a tap drip tray cool magnets & decals There is another option... find yourself a mini-fridge, then look on eBay for kegging setups, they will generally include everything else you need. Check out for the 4912 conversion, or for some other build ideas...

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