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adam2235 asked How would I wire some smaller 8 led fog lights in the front of my cavalier?

Hello, I have some smaller rectangular fogs I'd like to mount in the grill in my cavalier. I was just wondering how do I wire them up and wire them to a switch? A step by step procedure would be great! Thank you!

And got the following answer:

First thing, figure out where you want to place the fog lights. Once you have them mounted, the wiring is simple. Each fog light has a positive and a negative. Connect a wire to each neg. and put them to a ground anywhere on your frame and scratch off the metal so its a direct ground. Connect a wire to each positive and connect those wires together. Now, the switch. Figure out a mount. The switch should have 3 connections. The top should be power, the middle device (in this case fog lights), and the last part ground. Again, the ground can go anywhere that there is free metal. The positive needs a wire connected to run from wherever you mounted the switch through your firewall and to the positive terminal on your battery. The hole to put the wire through the firewall is right by the steering column. Just look for a thick bunch of wrapped wires going from the inside to the outside of the car. Now, connect the wire from the connected fog lights to the middle connection of the switch. Than flip the switch and the lights should go on and off if everything is wired correctly.

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