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XxyaansxX asked How can a break the LED light on my iPhone?

So the LED light on my iPhone stays on 24/7 even when I turn the phone off. So what I want to do is to break the LED light so that it won't waste my iPhones battery and I won't need to see it all the time. So I am going to take the back off of my phone and take a screwdriver or a paper clip and stab the LED light until it breaks. So my question is do you think this will actually break the light and will it stop using so much power? Also I don't have money to replace the light so don't even bring that up.

And got the following answer:

Try downloading the flashlight app first which controls the LED light. Use it to see if it can turn of the LED light. If that doesn't continue what your trying. I just thought this may be a way to turn off the light without breaking it.

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