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Help Me! asked LED Lightbulbs are suppose to last longer right?

We changed all our light bulbs to LED light bulbs and I had heard they were suppose to last longer but ours keep going out we change at least 1 bulb every month or two. This doesn't seem right. We never used to change bulbs this much before.

And got the following answer:

Welcome to the false notion of going green. Going green costs out the wazoo with less than desirable results, LED’s when applied properly have circuits that protect them against surges but the greedy manufactures in trying to cash in on the idea of going green produce the LED lights and the pig tail light bulbs (CFC ) on the cheap. More than 90% of the CFC light bulbs are manufactured in China and they are close to being a flash cube as opposed to a light bulb, same with the LED lights. If you want the LED lights to last like they are reported to you’ll need to find and purchase the high end lights and not the bargain basement bulbs you get at the big box stores and local lighting stores. The high end light bulbs are cost prohibitive i.e. very expensive but if you want them to last as advertised ~ ~ ~ that’s what you’ll need to do. Otherwise ?

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