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Kimberly asked I have a 93 civic hatch with a b18 swap. What should I do to it next?

I'm not sure about adding a turbo because of the cost

And got the following answer:

Cold air intake of course πŸ˜› And then EXHAUST! Magnaflow for sure! If you wanna fo the extra mile and push 350WHP out of her and start raping Vette's you can always copy me. I have a b18b1 in my 89 SI HB, I bored out the motor to 2.0 and huck'd in Skyline GTR injectors, MSD ignition, race-plugs, massive turbo kit and intercooler, boost-controller, headers (manifold) B16 tranny swap (durable as all hell) performance tuned factory clutch, racing plugs and wires and a high-flow fuel pump. The expensive part is the turbo kit. Because you need an intercooler to keep the turbo from overheating, your should replace your front bumper to allow air to directly flow into it. If your wise, you will run your cold-air filter in a place that has heavier airflow as well. Like if your front bumper has several opening for frontal air induction, run it as close to the opening as possible. Honda's love their air πŸ˜‰ Also, take a gander at some duel core rads, if you've got the money go with a Skunk2. These rads pretty well bulletproof and provide excellent cooling. If you end up doing all of that work, I would invest in some aftermarket gauges. Such as: -Water Temp Gauge -Oil Pressure -Tach (if you dont have one already) -Air/Fuel Ratio -Boost (PSI) Gauge AEM Makes awesome gauges and gauge assembly kits. Hope this was helpful! If you have any further questions feel free to message me πŸ™‚ Cheers.

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