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mel w asked how to repair dead power tool batteries?

I have an 18 volt battery from a milwaukee cordless drill that is dead. Does any one know how to repair them?

And got the following answer:

Normally when the rechargeable battery pack won't recharge anymore people just go and buy a whole new battery pack. If you really want to repair the pack, you could take the battery pack apart then take it to a battery store that specializes in selling just batteries. All the pack consists of is several round (cylindrical) batteries (cells) that are hooked together via wiring. Normally the wiring is welded to the battery ends. If you take the opened up battery pack to the battery store they can replace the battery cells and wire the new ones together like they should be. It may cost less than a new battery pack, but I'm not sure. I replaced the batteries in my rechargeable shaver once when I was tight on money and my shaver gave up the ghost. It cost me $6 to replace the rechargeable batteries compared to $40 for a new rechargeable electric shaver.

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