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SuperMcRicky asked How do I cook fish (Flounder) in the oven?

I'm so confused...It is frozen fish and I know I have to defrost it,but I don't know how to season fish. Please keep it simple also,How long do I cook it and on what temp.? Fillet fish 😀

And got the following answer:

You should have said if it was a whole fish, or fillets, and if it has been scaled and skinned or not. Preheat oven to 180C Season with salt and peppers and brush with vegetable oil both sides and place on a preheated baking tray, and move about enough to ensure it doesn't stick. Allow about 10 minutes for fillets, turning once and about 15 minutes for whole fish, and cook until the skin just begins to bubble and brown. Serve with the skin on as it will hold the fish together and most of the healthy Omega 3 fatty acid ie there and immediately underneath. It should be nice and crispy and not a slimy mess if made in some other ways

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